Leading NOW
Influencing the trajectory of workplace dynamics through the promotion of women's progress in leadership roles.

Who is Leading NOW?

Leading NOW is a certified women-owned leadership development and diversity & inclusion consultancy that guides current and future leaders in creating more equitable organizations. Leading NOW focuses on building cultures of inclusion, developing inclusive leaders, and preparing underrepresented talent for career development. Utilizing innovative, research-based solutions, Leading NOW is able to offer a series of workshop sessions developed specifically for conferences which are designed to inspire and engage audiences. As a highly sought strategic partner, Leading NOW offers expertise in customized content-creation and program delivery to any organization or association who wants to deliver world-class content to industry conferences.  This organization uses research in talent development and gender dynamics as the basis for customizing and delivering innovative solutions, unique insights, actionable tools, and a business focus in women’s skill sets. Leading NOW’s consultative and collaborative approach ensures that high-performing women move confidently and consistently through the leadership pipeline. 

Why is the C-Store Women's Event partnering with Leading NOW?

C-Store Women's Event’s (CSW) #1 goal is to empower and develop women in the c-store industry. By partnering with Leading Now, our opportunities for change drastically increase. Both programs are designed to show support to women all while training and promoting females in the industry and demanding positive change for all. CSW and Leading NOW are not just for the c-suite or women alone, it is for anyone who has leadership potential and wants to learn how to grow in their careers and develop their talent.